Food Photography Workshop At Heirloom Book Company, Charleston

By Helene Dujardin Photography (other events)

Saturday, December 10 2011 10:00 AM 5:00 PM
After months on the road doing workshops all over the country with the successful release of her book "Plate To Pixel. Digital Food Photography & Styling" (Wiley&Sons), Helene is finally settling down a little for the holidays. At least long enough to put together a great one day workshop in her town of Charleston!

The workshop will be held at Heirloom Book Company, ( Charleston's leading food literature shop also hosting food and wine related events such as book release dinners, workshops and exhibits.

The workshop will run from 10am until 5pm. Lunch will be prepared by Helene and served family style at the shop. Please communicate any food allergies or restrictions as we will try to accommodate everyone as much as possible with the freshest seasonal produce available.

Whether you own a point & shoot or a dSLR this workshop will help you improve or refresh your food photography by covering the basics, the essentials and the specifics we all need to practice. This one day workshop with Helene will leave you inspired and give you more self confidence in your photography and styling skills.

This workshop will focus on natural light, composition and styling and cover the following points:
- how to work with natural light and shadows to get appropriate exposure and mood to help you convey a story. You will learn how to incorporate them into your frame to add depth and texture to your composition.
- Basic composition guidelines and techniques to set up your shot
- natural food styling and tips and techniques you can do at home to make any food looks at its best and freshest
- live demo of how to style, compose and shoot a couple of "ugly foods" and "pretty foods"

Please bring the following:
Your camera, tripod (optional)
Snacks, drinks

Plenty of different foods and dishes will be brought to the Heirloom Book Company store for attendees to compose, style and shoot. However, if there is a specific dish you've had trouble photographing in the past, feel free to bring it so Helene can help you troubleshoot your issues and give you pointers.

Helene will bring a selection of her favorite props and linens but feel free to bring yours for more choices. Don't forget to label or tag them so they don't get mixed up or lost during the workshop.

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Package is all inclusive. No substitution.
Only 12 spots available.
No children or babies allowed with attendees as it increases disruption of workflow and session for parents and other attendees.
Refund policy:
- 50% of balance is refundable if cancellation is before December 1st.
- No refund after December 1st.
Full payment due at registration. No payment plan available.
The workshop is designed as a community event of 12 people sharing photography instructions as well as lunch. While we understand that you may not like the lunch offerings that day, there will not discounts if you decide to break for lunch or bring your own.

Helene Dujardin Photography